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As The Year Winds Down…

4 June 2013
Marius Felix
The faculty, undoubtedly, look at the end of each school year with a mixture of relief and sadness, but also anticipation knowing a well-deserved rest is just around the corner.

The students, however, see the end of the year through a very different lens.

The Grade 9 class can soon claim they survived their first year at Brentwood - prep, mandatory arts and sports, exams, Snowball, Saturday classes (what!?) and they can look forward to Grade 10 and no longer being “the juniors”!

Having found themselves this year in something of a ‘no man’s land’- neither a junior nor a senior - the Grade 10 class continues looking up to the students in the senior school. Many Grade 10s have heard that Grade 11 is the most difficult year in high school - probably true at some schools and certainly true at Brentwood - 6 courses, no study periods, defining university or college aspirations, considering leadership opportunities - while at the same time being fully engaged in arts and sports! Brentwood is a demanding place.

The Class of 2014 is anticipating that their year will be the best in Brentwood’s history - teachers have stopped comparing classes because the challenge is impossible - but youthful exuberance coupled with a keen sense that “we are now leading and helping the school get better” is both exciting and, perhaps, a little daunting. The Class of 2013 has set the table for their successors and this talented group coming through has much to offer.

The Grade 12s are coming to grips with the reality that their Brentwood experience is fast coming to its conclusion. No more meals, lovingly prepared by the catering staff, no more laundry to collect, clean, pressed and folded, no more coaches pushing their athletes to greater achievement or arts instructors demanding even greater refinements, no more teachers cajoling and pushing, no more House Parents and Assistant House Parents to offer advice or a shoulder to laugh or cry on, no more of the greatest peer support network anywhere.

The reality is that the Grads will leave Brentwood on June 22nd and it is likely that some members of this class will part ways for the rest of their lives. Savor the days ahead. The staff and faculty do, because we experience the last few weeks every year, and saying goodbye does not get easier.

In the meantime, we have exams to prepare for and packing to do, knowing that June 22nd will arrive more quickly than any of us really want it to.

Carpe Diem!

Mr. Marius Felix, Assistant Head, Campus Life

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