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3 June 2015
Bud Patel
As the 2014-15 school year winds down, a number of recent events bring into focus a key element in any positive learning process – relationships. Deep and meaningful. During the May 15th Graduation Dinner & Dance at the Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver, these relationships were evident throughout the evening.  From the Privett House boys wearing blue ties to the Mackenzie House girls singing their house song, strong connections were very much on display.   On May 18th, nearly 100 athletes and coaches returned early from midterm break to prepare for their respective provincial or national championship. Why would they give up their holiday time? At Brentwood, commitment to the team, the community, the school, and each other, is of vital importance.   Another wonderful example came on May 23rd when Mr. David Aisenstat, Ellis House ’74, spoke to the school. As a proud Old Brentonian, he recently made a significant and generous financial gift that is directed towards the Centre for Art and Humanities. It is a facility that he did not have in 1974 and one that is a truly transformative place of creativity and learning. He did not, however, speak of facilitates, achievements, university placement, or championships.  He, instead, focussed on the guiding force during his days at Brentwood and beyond: mentorship and relationship from trusted faculty and staff. “Ultimately, what I was thinking about and what I had planned to say kind of went out the window when we pulled up to the dock. What happened then was what happens most of the time I visit Brentwood. My heart and my mind can think of nothing but my time here first of all, but also how that time was instrumental in equipping me, preparing me, and giving me the wherewithal and confidence that, as you’ll all find, is essential as life moves on. It was my teachers who opened this part of me.” - David Aisenstat, Ellis ‘74 As we continue to develop our campus into a leading-edge place of learning, we must remember that at our core is a deep commitment to each other. I look forward to enjoying my final few weeks with our 2015 Graduates. De Manu In Manum, Bud Patel, Head of School

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