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The Brentwood Dance Program offers a wide range of challenge levels and styles for students to choose from. Our dance instructors have experience performing and competing in a professional arena. The program is supported by the outstanding facilities located in our performing arts centre, including a dedicated studio and performance theatre. Whether you have danced from a young age, are looking to increase your athletic ability, or simply want to explore a new art, there is something for everyone in the Brentwood Dance Program.

Dance Instructors
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Dance Facilities

The Brentwood Dance Program takes full advantage of the world-class facilities available in the T. Gil Bunch Centre for the Performing Arts. Dancers primarily practice in the dance studio—which features a sprung floor, full-length mirrors, ballet barres, and built-in sound and video systems. For performances, the 431-seat George Killy Theatre lets our dancers showcase their talents and new skills under development at Brentwood. The theatre has a sprung floor and orchestra pit and is outfitted with leading-edge sound, communications, video, and stage lighting systems.

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A group of dancers wearing black dresses on stage
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Competitive Dance

The Dance Company is our program's competitive division. This program is open to students of all levels and creates opportunities to perform and compete at three different competitive events across Vancouver (city) and Vancouver Island. If students are also looking to continue with dance examinations (RAD, ADAPT) or to do higher-level competition (YAGP, Nuvo), the Dance Company Program can facilitate those goals. This program aims to create more performance opportunities and to provide Brentwood students with a competitive dance experience. Dance Company rehearses outside of class time. Three separate guest choreographers come in, per year, to provide students with diverse choreography and dance experiences. The Dance Company engages in all styles of dance. If you are looking to do a solo, duo, trio, small group, or large group, Brentwood Dance Company covers it all.

A dancer doing the splits on stage

Extra Classes

The Brentwood Dance Program offers five drop-in dance classes per week covering hip-hop, tap, ballet, Progressive Ballet Technique, and jazz. These classes are run during student Prep and are a way for dancers to focus strictly on technique without any choreography.