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Applications For Admission

We are now accepting applications for the upcoming school year. Our goal is to make your admissions experience feel as smooth as possible. If you require assistance at any point during the three-stage application process, please reach out to our Admissions Team at or +1 (250) 743-8770.

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Online Application

Help us get to know you as an applicant. Create an account and save as you go. You may save the form at any time without submitting it. You will receive an email confirmation upon submission.

This application includes both a section for the parent/guardian and a section for the student. Please include as much detail as possible to help us understand the student’s interests and goals.

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Please note the special considerations for Mainland China and Hong Kong and Day Student Applicants.

Submit Supporting Documents

With your application account, you will find an itemized action list, with instructions regarding each step. We ask that each document be submitted individually in PDF format, with English translations where necessary, to Recommendations should be emailed directly to us by the author. You will need:

  • One academic recommendation completed by the student’s most recent teacher (English or Mathematics preferred)

  • One personal recommendation completed by someone from outside your family ( coach, tutor, employer, mentor)

  • School reports: previous & current academic year

  • A passport-sized photograph of the student/applicant

  • A photocopy of the applicant's birth certificate and passport

  • A $300 non-refundable application fee (please refer to Payment Methods)

Payment Methods

Bank Draft or Personal Cheque: Cheques and drafts should be made payable to ‘Brentwood College School’. Payments received in US funds will be exchanged to Canadian funds using the rate on the date your payment is deposited.

Credit Card: Credit card payments can be made via Plastiq, or by completing our Credit Card Authorization Form, which can be submitted to

Canadian Bank Account Holders Only

Online Banking: For students with a Brentwood account number (found on the monthly statement), ‘Brentwood College School’ can be set up as a payee under the Bill Payments section of most Canadian bank accounts.

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD): A completed PAD Form along with a copy of a voided cheque may be submitted to; this will authorize Brentwood to automatically debit funds from your Canadian bank account. 

International Payments

Flywire: For international payments, Flywire is a quick and simple solution that will allow you to make payments via bank transfer or credit card in your home currency with exchange rates at a lower cost than most banks. You can track your payment during the transfer process and have access to customer support 24 hours a day.

Tour, Test, and Interview

  • Campus tours can be arranged most weeks Monday through Saturday, starting at 10:00 am. Please work with our Admissions Team to arrange your visit

  • A 30-minute aptitude test is required as part of the application process and can be administered while you visit campus, or completed off campus and proctored by a professional from outside of your family. Alternatively, we will accept the results from a Secondary School Admission Test

  • Candidates will have a personal interview with our Director or Associate Director of Admissions, which will last approximately 20 to 30 minutes. The interview can take place while you visit campus or we can offer a Zoom meeting as an alternative

Mainland China and Hong Kong applicants: Due to the volume of interest from these countries, applicants must sit the SSAT test and advise the Admissions Team that the exam has been taken. When accessing the test online, the applicant must nominate Brentwood where indicated to allow us direct access to the results from the SSAT website. Once the SSAT scores have been reviewed, we will inform the applicant whether they can proceed with an application.

Day student applicants: Canadian citizens living permanently in the area are eligible to apply as day students. The vast majority of day student places are offered at the Grade 8 level.

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