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The Brentwood Music Program runs like a river through every aspect of performing arts at the School. Indeed, through many corners of our shared calendar—underpinning cultural milestones such as Remembrance Day, Concert for a Winter’s Eve, Concert for a Summer’s Eve, and a wide swath of competitive events that run from local to provincial and national levels. Informal opportunities for young musicians to perform for their peers are also part of our boarding experience on campus—from strumming a guitar at a warm evening cook-out to the annual all-student talent showcase in February.

A guitar player playing solo

Any audience member can tell you—whether a housemate coming to cheer on their friends, a parent with show ticket in hand watching for their son or daughter’s debut, or a dedicated teacher attending after class or their duty shift to clap passionately for the young performers they have nurtured and taught—the students of this program leave it all on the stage.

There is room for everyone to engage, enrich, and expand their skills and knowledge through the specific courses offered in Brentwood Music. Each student is encouraged to try something new—even something new that scares them a little—as well as to deepen their existing skill base through the more challenging offerings. As important as the technical components and performance results, are the relationships formed between learners across the year.

Music Courses

A girl drumming
A bass player playing the stand up bass
A singer performing on stage
A piano player on stage
A student playing guitar with the rock band
Two students playing in the jazz band
The wind ensemble playing on stage
A singer performing in the theatre
A group of students practicing in the music room
The wind ensemble performing in the T. Gil Bunch Centre

Music Facilities

The T. Gil Bunch Centre for Performing Arts houses the 431-seat George Killy Theatre, where our musical performances come alive. This professional theatre has all the sound and lighting equipment to make our performers look and sound their best. Outside of the theatre, there are several rehearsal spaces—most notably, the Asper Music Room—where our ensembles enjoy the musical acoustics of this purpose-built space. During sunny weather, our music classes can be found outside in the Brentwood campus oceanfront amphitheatre—overlooking the waters of Mill Bay, a neighbouring marina, and stunning views of Mt. Baker. Performers in the Brentwood Music Program will also have the opportunity to play on stage in our dining hall during formal dinners or at the annual Brentwood International Regatta.

A student playing violin on stage

Private Music Lessons

To further support our musicians in their pursuit of excellence and growth, the Brentwood Music Program offers private music instruction at all levels. Our educators hold recognized music degrees or designations from highly accredited institutions and have extensive professional experience. Students can sign up for year-long private lessons that take place in addition to regular arts classes.

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