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The Brentwood Photography Program has a rich history that explores both traditional and digital workflows. Students of all skill levels are able to enjoy the creative challenge of photography. Projects throughout the program are designed to develop a strong skill set of composition and technique that enable the student to produce rewarding, finished products supported by our professional facilities.

A collage of black and white photos on a wall

Passionate yet patient instructors introduce beginners to Traditional Film Photography techniques, including developing their own photo film in one of our two on-campus darkrooms. Advanced students will take a deeper exploration of the camera's creative tools and capabilities, and study more challenging styles and techniques—all building up to showcasing their work at Brentwood’s public art shows. Students may study digital photography if they are interested in learning the nuances of successfully capturing, processing, and printing digital images.

A photo of a student holding their hand up like a frame
A photo of a group of student's shoes
A portrait photo of a student with a beach in the background
A student looks at a negative in the photography studio
A student printing a photo on one of the studio printer

Facilities & Equipment

Students in the photography program have the pleasure of working in a professional darkroom under the guidance of our experienced instructor. Our 960 sq. ft. photo studio has multiple backdrops, studio lights, and ample space to take pictures of anything, from portraits to fashion. Inkjet printers and dedicated photo-quality monitors are available to students of the Digital Photography Program.