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A fun and challenging sport offered in all three terms, Brentwood Climbing teaches the basics of top-rope, lead climbing, and bouldering—taking advantage of our state-of-the-art climbing wall on campus as well as nearby gyms and popular west coast locations that bring students outdoors.

From the outside, climbing can appear to be an individual sport—yet at Brentwood, our climbers can be seen working together as they solve the puzzles that confront them on the climbing wall. Our climbing gym and nearby outdoor sites are filled with the sounds of students cheering each other on as challenges are overcome in this extremely rewarding sport.

Local and Sport Climbing British Columbia competitions are included. All skill levels are welcomed, so there are always goals to be set—and met—by students that join the Climbing Program.

A climber beginning to climb the wall
The two walls of the climbing gym
A climbing student bouldering
A student race climbing up the speed wall