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Ice Hockey

The fastest sport at Brentwood, this program typically sparks enormous interest across the School for athletes of all ability and skill levels. 

The hockey season starts in our fall term at the local Kerry Park Arena with a focus on development. Players focus on fundamentals, such as skating, edgework, puck-handling, passing, shooting, and checking. As the first term winds down, the practice intensity starts to build, with lots of flow, team systems, and competitive battle drills.  

There is a place for everyone to get involved in Brentwood Ice Hockey. We have beginners putting on skates for the first time and players who have been on the ice for 14 or 15 years! Players new to the game will play with our Development Team, while more experienced players will compete in league play on our Brentwood Senior Team and venture to tournaments under BC Hockey (Hockey Canada) oversight.

The Sr Hockey Team listening to the coach during intermission
Hockey players walking down the arena hallway
The coach talking to players in the changeroom

Our core values in this program are relentlessness and commitment. No matter the individual skill set, the coaches encourage players to have a relentless attitude towards everything we do—particularly, puck pursuit. Commitment comes as this program creates a high demand for each player’s time, travelling off-campus to destinations both inside and outside of BC. In this program, players will enjoy road trips and the social bonding that comes from those journeys.

In recent years, the girls’ program has also flourished. The squad has played games against local women’s teams, local high school teams, and even some teams in Vancouver, on the nearby Lower Mainland of BC.

Our season culminates with the annual Ross Cup tournament in the third week of February. It is a true celebration of hockey and ignites the best in all players with high-paced action and the roar of a cheering crowd.