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A student swimming in the waters in front of Brentwood's oceanfront campus

Swimming & Lifesaving

The Brentwood Swimming Program is offered during the winter term and includes the option of a Lifesaving component. Lifesaving courses are provided by the Cowichan Aquatic Centre and facilitated by our swimming coach. Students learn the basic components of water rescue education—all the way through to aquatic facility supervision and lifeguarding skills.

An instructor talking to students at a local pool
A student working on their technique in the pool
A group of students having fun in the pool
Students playing water polo in the pool

Every swimming student—even those who cannot swim at all when they start out—is welcomed and supported. Coaches group swimmers based on start-of-term ability level and focus on lane training and perfecting their swimming strokes. Non-swimmers will gain swimming skills and receive support to pass the Swim to Survive test.