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Brentwood’s Tennis Program has a history that spans back to the earliest days of the School. More recently, the team has maintained a reputation as one of the strongest in BC—having won four provincial championships. Tennis at Brentwood is tremendously popular, with over 80 students regularly participating in this dynamic sport at one time.

A tennis player preparing to receive the serve
Tennis players practicing indoors
A tennis player preparing to serve

Driving onto campus, visitors will immediately notice our eight outdoor tennis courts—where players can be found practising or hosting competitions throughout the year. Even in the coldest months, our students continue to play by taking advantage of neighbouring Arbutus Ridge Golf Club’s tennis bubble—an all-weather facility with three courts just a short drive away.

Brentwood Tennis is open to students of all levels as a recreational sport, and also offers both a junior and senior competitive program. The core value for our tennis players is teamwork—to support and grow as a team, to be coachable, and to empower one another.

A student hitting a forehand tennis shot in practice

Tennis is available as a Brentwood sports choice year-round, with a focus on skill development leading up to the competitive season in the spring. Players can find extra practice time available during spare afternoons and on weekends—where the on-campus courts are readily available.

Competition opportunities include the Vancouver Island Regional Championship Tournament, BC Independent Schools Association Championship Tournament (Islands), and BC Secondary Provincial Championships (Provincials). Our players were Bronze Medalists at the 2018/19 Provincials and won Silver at the 2021/22 Provincials.