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100 Days of Awesome

22 December 2015
Crystal Lenarcic, Admissions Associate
At the our final full school assembly this term, it was so encouraging to hear Mr. Patel, our Head of School, list all of the events that have taken place at Brentwood since the beginning of this 2015-2016 school year. In the 100 days of school that we have had so far, Brentwood students have been involved in almost the same number of special events - ranging from dances, to Showcase sports games, to art shows and musical performances, to charity events, and house parties, house outings, and interhouse competitions and, and, and…..  Paired with a slide show and music, Mr. Patel’s list brought smiles, laughter, emotion and encouraging nods among the students and staff as they relived the memories of the awesome things they have done in just 100 days. It is events like this assembly that truly solidify what we in Admissions explain to families when they are touring Brentwood - we have a community of students and staff who celebrate and support each other in their activities throughout all areas of our school. To wrap up our assembly in Brentwood’s Killy Theatre, Mr. Patel asked that we all link arms with our neighbours as we welcomed one of our new students, Antonio C, to the stage. Antonio acknowledged his teachers and peers, plugged in his acoustic guitar, and began playing John Legend’s “All of Me” for everyone to sing along with. With arms linked, students and staff in the theatre were standing and swaying back-and-forth while singing together. What a powerful experience for which “awesome” isn’t a big enough word. Perhaps a better one is “family” - one that in Admissions we use often to describe what it feels like to be a part of Brentwood. Crystal Lenarcic, Admissions Associate

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