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6 Days of Horror

8 November 2015
Charlie C, Rogers ‘16
Last Monday marked the debut of Brentwood’s first ever “Fright Week.” In previous years, the acknowledgement of Halloween had been the Dance and Costume Day. This time, while both of these continued to be included in the Halloween routine, four more days of terrifying events were added.
Fright Week started with an hour-long Pumpkin carving session. Those who signed up for this exclusive event were given the opportunity to carve a variety of original designs into designated pumpkins, which were later displayed on the field adjacent to the McNeill Centre.
The next day was celebrated with a culinary gathering hosted by honour student and varsity rugby player Aidan H. Identifying himself as belonging to a diverse group of red-haired people, we held the first annual “Ginger Appreciation Dinner” in their honour. Consisting of all sorts of similarly coloured foods from yams to goldfish crackers, the event was a raging success. Orange ya glad! A second pumpkin carving session was held on the third day with the inclusion of staff children, all of whom found it beyond enjoyable.
Day four introduced a fiercely competitive event with interhouse points at stake. Dubbed Interhouse Baking, the event called for the most skilled pastry chefs in the school to go head-to-head in preparing Halloween themed cakes to be judged and scored. A last minute change to the rules meant that cakes were being judged solely by their appearance, a turn of events that caught many off guard. Regardless, no changes to the rules could have prevented Hope House from taking the lead, with an almost unsettlingly detailed representation of the human brain in edible form. These cakes were then distributed to winners of the Cake Walk (a musical chairs-like game) that followed. Perhaps the scariest part of that night was how much money was raised to benefit impoverished areas of Swaziland.
The penultimate day of Fright Week was highlighted by a temporary removal of the school’s normally firm dress code. During costume day, those who elected to were allowed to wear their Halloween costume for the day. During the break between third and fourth periods, participants were unwittingly being judged, with winners being declared during lunch the same day. It was unanimously agreed that the most frightening costume belonged to Evan D of Rogers House. When asked for comment, he stated that he modeled his appearance after the hazmat workers who had to enter the exclusion zone during the aftermath of Chernobyl. Had he actually been one of those workers, he would have undoubtedly not been allowed back.
The final day of the saga of horror was capped off by a joint effort between the SAC and the Grad Council, who transformed the old academic building into a haunted house. This endeavor was so successful in scaring the naive participants that some of them were unable to finish. Mohit D, a four year veteran of Brentwood Halloween celebrations, was caught off guard: “Holy mackerel it was spooky,” he said when asked for comment at the SAC meeting that followed.
The final event of the day, and thus the week, was the Halloween Dance. Reminiscent of the dance of the same name from previous years, this particular dance was so energetic that several participants made fearful complaints of the dance floor “bouncing.” All in all, the bold new experiment that is Fright Week proved to be a worthwhile endeavor.
Charlie C, Rogers ‘16


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