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A Brentwood Life Well Spent

9 June 2021
Dale F, Whittall ‘21
Graduation is a weird time for all students, but especially for the Lifers of the school. A Lifer at Brentwood is someone who has been at the school since Grade 9 - or a Super-Lifer started in Grade 8 - someone like myself who has been fortunate enough to have had the Brentwood experience through my entire highschool career. Each year, the Grad Council hosts the Lifers’ Dinner to reflect on their journey through Brentwood, and play the hardest game of “try not to cry” as House Reps give speeches and play a slideshow of photos from the past five years.

Brenna LK, Jahmaal K, Bonnie Z, McCoy F, Kennedy M, Sean R, Solveigh C and Anthony B had all prepared speeches for their house, depicting moments which they had shared with their fellow Lifers throughout the years.

Some were heartfelt and tugged at everyone’s tear ducts like Brenna’s, and others were filled with hilarity and inside jokes like Sean’s. Nonetheless, each speech left everyone reminiscing and filled with nostalgia. “It was an amazing experience, and I am incredibly grateful I had been given the opportunity to give the speech for my house. Though initially I was nervous walking up to the stand, my nerves soon settled after looking at all of my Lifer friends. The hardest part of giving the speech was holding back tears while delivering it. I cannot say the same for the audience, though” reflected Brenna, Alex ‘21. However, after many, MANY speeches, it was finally time for an incredible dinner prepared by the Food Services Staff at Brentwood. Thank you again for the wonderful meal!

After dinner, photos were taken. It felt eerie, yet wonderful, standing beside the same faces I have laughed with and walked past in the hallway for the past five years and seeing how much they have grown, both in maturity and (especially in Jahmaal’s case) height. We have all come such a long way since the voyage on the Salts trip and the journey to Strathcona: the slide show at the end really proved that. I am sure Josh L, Whittall ‘21 speaks for many when he said “There is no better feeling than looking at familiar faces and seeing the same smiles they had when meeting them for the first time in Grade 9.”

Although our time at Brentwood is down to the final “2% of our highschool lives” as Mr Patel put it, our lives outside of the school have just begun. I am extremely excited to see where all of us end up, and the success that the future holds for the graduating Class of 2021.

I would like to thank the Grad Council, the Food Services Staff, Ms Stevens, Mr Cowie, Mr Amiel, and everyone else who had made the dinner possible: it was incredible.

And to the rest of the students graduating this year, thank you for the fun times had, the laughs shared, and the friendships made. I wish you all the best luck in your future endeavors!

Dale F, Whittall ‘21

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