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A Day in the Life of a Brentwood Student

28 January 2023
Lucy M, Mackenzie ‘23
As we begin the 2023 year, I wanted to take the opportunity to chronicle a day in the life of a Brentwood student. With new applicants sending in their forms every day hoping to attend Brentwood next year, this article will take readers on a journey through the eyes of a Brentwood student and give them an inside look at the daily routine, classes, extracurricular activities, and events that make up a typical day at Brentwood. So, join me as we explore the ins and outs of a day in the life of a Brentwood student and discover the unique experiences and opportunities that each student is provided.

Neve M, a well-rounded Grade 12 student in Hope House, graciously agreed to be the subject of this assignment. Her advisor, Ms Widenmaier, described Neve as an "effervescent" student, meaning that she is highly active and has a lot going on, making her the ideal person to follow for an ordinary day.

On Tuesday, January 17th, 2023, Neve groggily rises at the crack of dawn, ready to tackle another full day as a typical Brentwood student. While she gets ready, she looks at her schedule and reflects on the busy day ahead; today she has AP Literature, then Pre-Calculus 12, then AP Chemistry 12, and lastly for her sport, she has Soccer Skills practice.

Clearly, Neve takes challenging courses, but she loves them and approaches every class with a smile on her face. In her first class, students sit down to watch a film version of the class play, Hamlet, to supplement the class’ study of the literary work.

After first class, it is time for a renowned Brentwood tradition: Cookie Break. Neve heads to Crooks Hall to grab her freshly baked cookie before heading off to tutorial. Tutorial is an extremely useful period where students can visit their teachers for extra help. During this time, Neve headed off early to her Pre-Calculus class to ask a few questions about an assignment where she had to emulate a third-year medical student and submit a 24-hour drug order for a patient. How fun!

Her final academic class of the day is AP Chemistry. The class continued their learning on equilibrium. Neve, being the conscientious and remarkable student that she is, paid close attention and took thorough notes, determined to understand the complex concepts being presented.

After a grueling class, Neve deserved a Brentwood feast! On the menu was none other than a warm bowl of butter chicken with naan.

After being nourished by the talented Food Services team, Neve rushes off to soccer practice in the pouring rain where she spends over an hour refining her skills for the upcoming season.

Despite being wet and exhausted, Neve still makes time for her friends. "Being a Grade 12 at Brentwood can be overwhelming at times," says Neve "but I've learned to balance my responsibilities and make time for the things I love."

After a quick one-hour study session in the Learning Commons where she reviewed her Chemistry notes, she and a few friends attended the Senior Girl’s Basketball game at the Foote Centre. No day is complete without a dose of Brentwood spirit!

Being a senior at Brentwood is a gratifying experience; this final year is one that is filled with so many challenges and rewards. Neve's day exemplifies the balance of hard work and passion that is required to succeed as a Brentwood student. With graduation on the horizon, she is determined to make the most of her final year, working hard but enjoying every day with the students and staff who have become like family.

Lucy M, Mackenzie ‘23

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