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A Fang-tastic Fright Week

1 November 2022
Emma W, Alexandra ‘23; Photo by Maggie Z, Hope '24
Fright Week is an annual event run by the Student Activities Council (SAC) that occurred from the 24th to the 29th of October this year, and each day was jam-packed with seasonal activities for staff and students alike to enjoy.

Many international students coming to Brentwood have never celebrated Halloween before, and Fright Week ensures that their first taste of Halloween festivities is spectral and sweet.

Students and staff that are already spooky season superfans get to enjoy a full week of all things eerie. When asked about her thoughts on Fright Week, BFA Murryn Miller enthusiastically replied, “Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year! It can be a bit stressful to figure out a costume at the last minute, but everything always ends up coming together in the end. I love dressing up and seeing other peoples’ creativity with their costumes”.

Monday kicked off the event with scary decorations hung all over campus. Crooks Hall was filled with ghosts and cobwebs, skeletons were nestled into the bushes outside, and clowns were ready to make you jump around every corner in Alex House.

The next day, the 25th, was Orange and Black Day, so instead of uniforms students donned their coziest orange sweaters or black jeans. On Wednesday, there was pumpkin carving in McNeill’s and on Thursday there was a Halloween-themed Kahoot where students were pitted against the BFAs.

But the most anticipated event was saved for last – Costume Dress-up Day. On Friday the 29th, Brentwood’s usual blend of black and red uniforms was upended into a sea of colors as everyone showed up to class as someone else. There were some truly impressive costumes, and a fierce competition ensued in McNeill’s during lunch, judged by the amazing housekeeping and laundry staff.

Sophie W, Mackenzie ‘23 (dressed up as Elvis Presley), said, “It was so fun to see how other peoples’ interests were expressed in their costumes, and how they could take everyday clothes and make them into a unique outfit”.

Fright Week was a huge success. It raised our spirits (no pun intended), and helped make the last few weeks before Midterm Break lighthearted and fun.

Emma W, Alexandra ‘23

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