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A Student Among Pros

20 March 2017
Mr. Tristan Clausen; Photo by Linnea M. Allard '17
On stage, Brentwood’s performers dazzled and charmed with the spectacle of Mary Poppins and its memorable score. It’s easy to recognize the role the singers and dancers played in the show, of course, and the crew’s role is crucial to a successful performance. One performer, however, made her contributions not from behind the scenes, but below them. The pit orchestra, comprised of professional musicians from southern Vancouver Island, performed a beautiful and demanding score night after night. All professionals, that is, except for one. Maria R, Mackenzie ’19, sat alongside those musicians night after night, holding her own with her cello and bow in hand. It was a marvellous opportunity to experience what it’s like to work as a professional musician. Congratulations, Maria, on a week full of excellent and memorable performances! Mr. Tristan Clausen

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