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Academics Update 1

2 November 2016
Mr. David McCarthy
Several Fridays ago there was a Province-wide professional development day when all of our public schools and many independent day schools closed their doors to allow teachers to attend a range of events organized on the Island, the Lower Mainland and interior of BC. As a boarding school we have often reluctantly regarded these days as difficult to participate in since “the show must go on” in terms of keeping students actively engaged in learning. With a newly formulated plan to support teachers in their professional development, however, together with resources in the shape of talented and enthusiastic residential assistants, who were able to cover the classes, we were able to send no fewer than 14 teachers to conferences. They included nearly all of our mathematics teachers, most language teachers and several English teachers, including Ryan Skardal who presented to a group of teachers in Victoria. It was particularly important for us to do this at a time when curriculum is changing in BC and a new, more progressive approach is being required of teachers in their planning, delivery and assessment methods. CAIS Accreditation Process Next February we will be visited by a team of independent school faculty from across Canada as part of our CAIS (Canadian Accredited Independent Schools) evaluation. They will take a four day look at all aspects of the school and talk to as many people as possible including the board, staff, students, parents and alumni. In preparation for this visit a comprehensive internal report is being generated to allow us an opportunity for self- reflection. After midterm, there will be a number of focus groups convened from across the Brentwood community to examine this report and to contribute to its final form. If anyone reading this would like to be part of this process, please watch for notification of these meetings and contact me directly at

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