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Alexandra House Lifers' Farewell

10 September 2022
Nina Barry, Alex ‘22
Hi everyone. It’s strange to be up here and to be looking at the same 63 people who I met almost four years ago. We've each come so far and it’s amazing to see how much we’ve all grown. As Lifers, we have a unique bond with each other and with the school that is unparalleled and that will be tremendously difficult to leave behind. For four years this has been our home, and in just 30 days we’ll be leaving this campus as students for the last ever time. My four years in Alex house have been incredible: an atmosphere filled with the utmost kindness, support, and genuine unconditional love and care, not only from the adults but from each and every one of the people in the house has been an incomparable experience. I have so much love for every person in the house, but there will always be a particularly special place in my heart for my fellow Lifers.

To my Alex girls: I can’t even begin to describe how much I’ll miss all of you. Rosie, your optimism and wisdom have been a gift, and Elora, I’ll never not be grateful for the breaths of fresh air that your constant care and amazing energy have brought. Megan, the best clothing prefect out there, the Brentwood dance program is definitely taking a loss when you graduate. Jay, my roommate, I don’t know what I'm going to do without dance parties in dorm 23 next year. And Robin, from ghost seances on the last night of Grade 9 when we were so sad to see the seniors go to midnight jam sessions where we are the seniors that will soon be leaving, I'm so grateful for your genuine kindness over the last four years.

We’re a small but mighty group: just ask Ms Langer and Mrs Warner, the angels who have put up with us for much longer than anyone should ever have to. Ms Langer remains one of the most caring people I know, and I hope she knows that she will be receiving many Facetimes from me next year (and forever). Mrs Warner is literally a superhero; balancing raising three young kids, Mr Warner and 60 girls is no easy feat, but she still finds time to make sure we’re all okay. To Mr Warner, who has been my advisor for four years, and who therefore has had to hear me complain about Core Competencies for four years, thank you for always making me feel like I know what I’m doing. To Ms Richardson, Mrs Luna, Ms Anderson, and Ms Van Vliet: you make Alex better every day and we are so lucky to have you as part of our Alex family. And finally, to the woman who is Alex House and who I know the house will miss immensely next year: Mrs Mais, we are so grateful to have been your last Grade 9s. Having you as a Houseparent, even if it was only for one year, is something I know we will forever look back fondly on. We love you beyond words and wish you the best in your retirement.

Whether it’s the small number of brunchs left, or the Grade 11s taking over our duty, reminders of our impending graduation are everywhere. Let’s take it all in while we still can.

Nina Barry, Alex ‘22

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