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Allard House Lifers' Farewell

15 September 2022
Reese Van Oostrom, Allard ‘22
Today, we are here to celebrate the Lifers of Brentwood, and I have the great honor of representing Allard House. Ten of us have made it through the hard yet incredible four or more years of Brentwood, and at last we have made it to the final stretch. I would like to recognize Lauren, Kylie, Nicole, Kali, Abby, Anna, Peju, Lucinda, Emily, and myself.

Through our years at Brentwood, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we have learned and grown so much. Together, we have shared many memories that supported one another to get to where we are today. Some could say we are stronger than the non ‘lifers’ at Brentwood. We survived Strathcona, which I am not going to sugarcoat, but that trip was very enjoyable in the pouring rain under a tarp. We were sent away much earlier, left to defend ourselves… We must have been some pretty terrible kids.

I don't think I went a single day without either hiding from or being chased by my Mr Patel to pull up my socks.
Lauren spent most of her time at Brentwood putting the KMs on the water with Spencer Manton.  
Kali loved working at Brentwood in the summer, so she voluntarily went back to work with John and Roy. John once said “You guys are the best workers we have ever had”
Peju and Anna, Brentwood will greatly miss the Song Birds. They were a great addition to Brentwood and they will be greatly missed.
Although Nimmo isn't very big, her heart is and she immersed herself into the house, getting to know every single girl.
Abby is the sweetest girl in our house, so nice to all of our new girls, also using her art skills for interhouse painting.
Kylie spent most of her Brentwood career on her Ipad, and then found her passion for hiking, she became a “granola girl”.
Lucinda followed me to Brentwood to spend our last four years together in high school. She is going to Dartmouth -  I strongly believe it's because of her literacy skills in the Wordle and her numeracy skills in Solitaire.
Nicole immersed herself within Allard and Brentwood, taking every opportunity she could and becoming Tennis Captain.

We have spent all of our years at Brentwood together, and I couldn’t imagine a better group to spend it with.

I would like to take a moment to thank our amazing Houseparent, Mrs Amiel, who was always there for us when we needed her. She always had our best interest at heart. Although you didn't get the chance to be our Houseparent for all the years of being a Lifer, you managed to make the connections with all of us and see us learn and grow. We will miss you endlessly and wish you the best in your next journey off campus - know you will continue to be part of the coral reef and a mermaid at heart.

And our Assistant Houseparent Mr Smith. Being in a house full of girls isn’t an easy task, but we couldn't have asked for a better person to support and keep us in order.

As well as Mrs Barnes, who had to live beside us and listen to us scream 24/7. I wouldn’t say we are a quiet house and we appreciate you never complaining, and always being around when we needed it.

And lastly Mrs Manton. She is an amazing addition to Allard and we miss having her around and living with us, although you probably don't miss that part. We greatly appreciate everything you do for us.

And every other staff member in Allard, we appreciate everything you guys do for us, and we wouldn't be where we are today without your support.

Congratulations to the Lifers on surviving four or more years at Brentwood and spending our last couple weeks together.

Reese Van Oostrom, Allard ‘22

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