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13 September 2021
Jim Ganley, Privett ‘34
Week one is in the books. Last Sunday the members of the Student Executive Council arrived. Monday brought the Orientation Assistants. Tuesday the all-important New Students. Thursday the veterans. Friday was first classes and Eco-Challenge.

Saturday featured morning classes and an afternoon of athletics. The water, courts, fields, trails & Foote Centre were abuzz with rowing, outdoor pursuits, tennis, soccer, rugby, cross-country running, field hockey, ice hockey, volleyball, strength & conditioning, climbing, & squash.

Today will feature our first Arts afternoon as students begin their year-long journeys from a menu of dance, musical theatre, acting, rock band, winds, choir, sculpture, woodwork, yearbook, photography, blog, Brentwood Broadcast, ceramics, robotics, debate, Model UN, jazz, 2d art, & 3d art.

It’s great to be back!

Jim Ganley, Privett ‘34

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