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AP Studio Art, Survival of the Artsiest

26 November 2022
Deborah Z, Alex ‘23
Arts afternoons at Brentwood include a vast array of classes for various skill levels and artists. One might wonder, however, where the best of the best artists go to create and showcase their finest works. The AP Studio Art class is an amazing and rigorous course that allows our top students to exercise their artistic abilities at a professional level.

This course is primarily for students who have demonstrated a high level of skill and ability in 2D art and who may be interested in a post-secondary career in fine arts, photography, fashion, or design. This course allows students to expand and develop their portfolio and enables them to master concepts, composition, and execution of drawing and 2D design. Furthermore, students of AP Studio Art utilize a variety of approaches to study painting and drawing styles from the past and learn to incorporate those elements into their own work. The course emphasizes making art as an ongoing process that involves the student’s willingness to improve and make changes to further exercise their own style.

“This class is truly unique from other art classes. In AP Studio Art you have the ability to do your own thing whether it be painting, sketching, or sculpturing” Liv P, Hope ‘23 shares.

The students of AP Studio Art also incorporate weekly group and individual student critiques and instructional conversations with the teacher, Mr Luna, which enables students to learn to analyze their own and others' artworks. “When I get my art critiqued, it helps me immensely with finding flaws in my work that I didn’t realize were there. It helps me grow passionate about my work” enthused Sofia S, Alex ‘23.

On December 3rd Mr Luna and his students will be traveling down to the University of Victoria to participate in an art critique by University professors where they will be assessed on their portfolios so far. They will also be attending and enjoying the annual UVIC art gallery that will be showcasing the University student’s works. This will be an amazing experience as the students will get a taste of what post-secondary education in fine arts will be like.

“I like having the creative freedom of doing my own art and not being guided by specific projects and I like making my own portfolios and following my own themes. I also enjoy experimenting with different mediums and I think that doing so really pushes me out of my comfort zone and allows me to do things I usually wouldn’t do through different forms of expressions” says Sonya K, Allard ‘24.

AP Studio Art is a magical place that fosters the creative minds of up-and-coming young artists and it is truly a one-of-a-kind program that allows for unlimited creative freedom and opportunity. The students of this class certainly do not take it for granted and are truly lucky to have such a phenomenal environment created by their incredible mentor Mr Luna.

Deborah Z, Alex ‘23

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