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Because it’s not JUST a cookie!

18 September 2022
Jensa NG, Mack ‘23; Photo by Jim Ganley
Darren McGrady, who served as personal chef to Queen Elizabeth and other members of the British Royal family for 15 years, observed that Her Majesty, The Queen often enjoyed tea with “scones covered generously with jam and clotted cream”.  Similarly, at 9:35 am, Monday through Friday, the Brentwood family feasts on pastries and treats to fill our tanks to embark on what is next: second block. We too are regally nourished.

Before I arrived at Brentwood in Grade 8 I knew what I was looking forward to the most. I’ll tell you, honestly, that it was not the “university preparatory school” where “the pursuit of academic excellence is one of our school’s fundamental aims”. “We strive to help students reach levels of achievement that truly reflect their ability, attitude, and effort.” To me, that was blah, blah, blah, nonsense.

What I had my mind set on was in Crooks Hall.

My father, a Brentwood teacher, often brought home a sneaky snack for me to indulge in when I got home from elementary school. He was fueling the fire, awakening the bear that was my craving for Brentwood Cookie Break.

But what's the big deal? It's just a cookie? Why are students piling into Crooks Hall like this is Disneyland Park?

Because it’s not JUST a cookie.

Once or twice a week the caf will treat us with a warm, soft, gooey, delicious, chocolate chip cookie. But it doesn't stop there: they also surprise us with cookie switch crumbled Oreos, smarties, or even pretzels. It doesn't stop there. Egg rolls, sausage rolls, cheesy bread, potato skins, muffins, smoothies, fresh fruit, and always, a reliable staple: toast. These goodies often leave Athletic Perfect and never-ending black hole, Dylan G, Whittall ‘23 foaming at the mouth as he tip-toes back to the line in the hope of sneaking in and getting his third serving of cheesy bread - the equivalent of 4,800 calories.

On our academic website, Alumni Zhi-Yao Chen '13 reflects: “For two years, I’ve grown with the brightest young philosophers, scientists, artists, and Olympians that I would not have met without Brentwood. My once-small pond has opened to reveal a mighty ocean.”

Dylan’s thoughts would more likely be these: “For five years, I’ve grown numerous pants sizes and always left the caf feeling sated. I would not have been able to achieve this without Brentwood, and our wonderful Food Services Staff.”

In all seriousness, our largest thanks go to the hardworking team in Food Services who arrive on campus before sunrise over Mount Baker to provide a warm and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner - and most importantly - Cookie Break. Thank you!

Jensa NG, Mack ‘23

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