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31 August 2015
Crystal Lenarcic, Admissions Manager; Photo by Lara McDonald
During the short eight weeks that students and teachers were away for the summer, Brentwood did not rest. Not only have we hosted camps for debate, rugby, dance and drama, we also hosted several weddings and corporate retreats. All the while, we kept in mind the importance of preparing for our 2015-16 school year.  Like a well-rehearsed musical or theater show where so much happens behind the scenes to prepare for opening night, Brentwood also has to prepare for its opening day. As soon as the last student waved goodbye in June, our maintenance staff, grounds crew, housekeeping and laundry staff began their tireless work to prepare for Brentwood’s big day and for the year ahead. While some may think that our campus is quiet during the summer, it truly does continue to buzz. Ellis House had its bathrooms completely renovated. Rogers House had the dividing wall removed so that it can once again be a home for 50 boys while Hope House, our brand new girls dorm, was given its final touches and is now officially open and ready for its 52 new sisters. Brand new suites were built in each of the eight houses adding space for eight more teachers to live on campus. Finally, Mackenzie House received a facelift in its foyer along with a beautiful new kitchen and girls’ common room. Throughout the academic block, desks and chairs poured out of the classrooms so that every desk could get polished, walls repainted, carpets scrubbed, windows cleaned, and curtains washed. All the while, IT was rewiring the science labs and equipping them with wireless projectors. Finally, as though it had never even happened, everything was put back in place looking completely undisturbed. Admittedly the hammering and dust made it a bit of a challenge to guide the many touring families through our dorms and facilities. Dodging the desks and chairs in the hallways was sometimes a bit unsettling as I could never be quite sure what to expect around the next corner. But what an amazing process for these families to see. The care and attention we have for our facilities, the hard work of our staff, the “grit” that we value so highly as a school, truly reinforced the excellence that we pursue in all aspects of Brentwood. Of course, with “grit” comes the inevitable “joy”. We look forward to the joy on the faces of our students when they arrive to their Brentwood home. We are comforted by the joy they have with the familiarity of campus. We share the joy in their surprised faces as they discover the subtle and big changes on campus. Most of all, however, it brings us joy in knowing what truly happens behind the scenes at Brentwood. Crystal Lenarcic, Admissions Manager

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