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Black History Month 1

6 February 2023
Toluwani A, Alex ‘24 & Joshua F, Privett ‘24
As soon as February begins, we often hear a lot about recognizing Black History Month and celebrating it, but we are never actually taught what this Month is. So we are here to tell you.

Black History Month spans the whole of February. It is to honor the numerous accomplishments and contributions made by Black people and their communities throughout history. It should be noted that this month is not to be overshadowed by Black struggle but rather to acknowledge the lingering effects of the past and commemorate the progress of the Black community.

So essentially, this is not a month where we post ‘Black screens on Tuesday’ and go on with our lives. This is a period where we consciously recognize the challenges a whole race has had to deal with because of colonialism and racism. Then we can acknowledge the progress and uplift voices that are so seldom ever heard.

Now why is this month so important? It is crucial to learn about Black history because it gives context as to how we got to where we are now. We gain a deeper awareness of our present cultural and political issues: many of which are not new but are rather unresolved issues from the past. So in learning about the past, we drastically improve our future.

With all this being said, to stress the importance of this month, Brentwood's BIPOC group will be hosting several activities. So please keep an eye on your email for details on events such as an AfroBeats dance class, and Black Shirt Day.

Black Shirt Day is January 15th - Martin Luther King Junior’s birth date. The civil rights activist inspired millions to collectively fight for the end of racism, but he also highlighted how far the world still had to go in his time. And that holds true to this day. We strive to live in a world where everyone is treated equally, regardless of race or the colour of their skin. And we can recognize this through wearing a black shirt, at Brentwood, on Friday, February 3.

Wearing a black shirt on this day is an acknowledgment that there is still room for progress in achieving equality, but it is also a commemoration of a joint effort to end racism. The Brentwood community can make a difference by doing three simple things: educate others, support diversity, and, most importantly, listen and learn when a black person speaks up. Educating others is as simple as correcting someone when you encounter misinformed talk or general beliefs. The way we combat racism as a whole is by correction. I know speaking up to a peer, let alone an adult can be challenging, but it is necessary to become the inclusive society we aspire to be.

Supporting diversity is as simple as it sounds. Remember that everyone is equal and deserves to be treated as such. Don't be the person to exclude someone based on their race. And last but not least, listen and learn when a black person peaks up. Though many do mean well, microaggressions as well as implicit and explicit racism are real. People can unintentionally offend others and be racist without knowing it. Also, every black person has a different experience. So don’t generalize something that one black person says for everyone. Learn to respect each individual's history and what offends them.

Though it is no longer the official Black Shirt Day, it is the beginning of Black History Month. So what better way to enter February than to recognize the importance of acknowledging the black person’s reality. Tomorrow February 3rd, wear a black shirt and, as a community, let us show our support. Thank you.

Toluwani A, Alex ‘24 & Joshua F, Privett ‘24

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