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Brendan McLeod: Slam Poet

20 November 2016
Megan M, Mackenzie, ‘19; Photo by Jim Ganley
Last Saturday, Grade 10 students in E block skipped their regular English class and went to a slam poetry session with Brendan McLeod in the lecture theatre. Brendan opened up his performance with a hilarious political poem, talking about how his mum “forced him to write” and a short background on what he does and his passion for poetry. Mr. McLeod then, with his guitar, sang a song about a poem he wrote in 4th grade.     Mr. McLeod interacted with a number of students and even let them fill in as judges as he recited three carefully picked poems, two that he chose from different authors, and one that he wrote on his own, based on a personal experience from a genre the audience chose. Mr. McLeod asked the judges a few questions, in order to get to know them better, and the audience shared a few laughs with one another.  His witty, clever, and humorous stories kept the audience laughing in their seats until the very end. The 10th Grade students were happy to miss a block of English (sorry Mr. Ganley, we were really looking forward to that Parts of Speech lesson you had planned) to listen to the comical speaker, and his constant phrases of humour left us all wanting more. For more on Brendan please see Megan M, Mackenzie, ‘19

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