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Cake Race 2019

5 December 2019
Milla W, Allard ‘21
As Mrs Biesenthal excitedly stated in a recent post, Cake Race 2019 is now in the books for our Brentwood Rowers! A few days ago, crews of eight people each competed against each other in an excruciating erg battle. Usually, Cake Race is done on the water in eights, but due to high winds from the north of 70-90km, our rowers worked the machines, splitting the work to do into sprints of 500 meters each. The total distance rowed on each machine was 4500m!

Since then, I have received many complaints about sore legs and not being able to walk, which really sums up the rowing experience. Even our beloved coxswains pushed their crews 500m off of the start line! This became a fantastic chance to practice team spirit, and gave the coxswains a painful taste of what it’s like to row. In the words of Keeva O, Mack ‘20, “I really enjoyed getting to know other members of the team that I wouldn’t normally talk to as well as getting the chance to compete with and against them!”
Aziz U, Rogers ‘21 said, “Cake Race was magical! Everyone did very well and showed a great competitive spirit. It is wonderful that we have such activities where rowers of all genders and sizes come together and act as a team. The team of coaches did very well in organizing the event and made it very interesting and exciting. I enjoyed the Cake Race and am looking forward to it next year!” The coaches really did do an amazing job of making the best out of the rough weather by utilizing the ergs!
The winners of the race were those in the toga crew, who received a beautifully festive trophy made by Mr Carr! Prizes were also given out for the best activation warmup and the best crew costume (Little Bo-Peep and her sheep).  
Chloe E, Allard ‘22 said, “I really enjoyed the motivation and sportsmanship at the Cake Race. Everyone did their best and was a team player, which made the race really special. This year’s crew is very strong and encouraging, and I'm looking forward to Brentwood racing in the future!” I truly believe this notion is shared with the rest of the rowers, even as we venture into a term of tough, indoor rowing where morale is usually a bit low. It was a fantastic way to get us in the Christmas spirit and boost our moods!  
Milla W, Allard ‘21

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