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5 June 2014
Marius Felix
You can almost feel it, the conundrum our Grade 12s feel as their Grad year comes to an end. On the one hand, they “can’t wait to get out of here” and on the other, they “can’t believe they will be parting from their best friends” possibly for the rest of their lives, and they don’t want this to end. Mixed emotions abound as our year winds down: unmitigated joy, fear, sorrow, deep sadness. Unparalleled happiness that “I am free!” followed by “Who will do my laundry, make me my meals, pick me up when I fall, provide a shoulder to lean on, help me when I an ill?” For many of our students, Brentwood has become their home away from home. We often talk about the immense value and the deep richness that embody the Brentwood teacher/student relationship and the student-to-student relationships that emerge out of the intense and demanding reality of a Brentwood education. The school pushes the students (and sometimes they push back) to create a synergy and passion that nets remarkable results, deep lessons and a great deal of mutual respect. On Closing Day, Saturday, June 21, if you are here, you will witness a remarkable day which will illustrate firsthand what a wonderful place our school is. We are blessed to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.  Marius Felix, Assistant Head

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