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Crunch Time for Grit and Joy

6 November 2013
Marius Felix
Now that the time has changed (and in less than one month our December exam process will begin) our students will start to feel the true challenges of being a Brentwood student. The days become shorter, in terms of daylight hours, but not in terms of what must be accomplished. The weather will change, sometimes gradually, sometimes dramatically, but it will definitely grow wetter here in our temperate rainforest. Some of our sports teams are coming to their crunch times as regular seasons end and the playoffs begin. Students in the musical production are fully committed to learning their roles. Senior artists have portfolio deadlines to meet. Musicians are preparing for upcoming concerts. Teachers will naturally feel the need to get through their curricula in order to provide their students with the best opportunities to be as successful on their December exams. Our students will have to manage this multi-dimensional and challenging schedule. And through all of this, the students have a social life at the school that is also a vital piece of the Brentwood experience. It is over the next six weeks that the Brentwood community needs to really embrace and practice our values - Grit and Joy. There is little doubt our students (and teachers!) will be stretched, but as long as we continue to have real grit in our approach, and take great joy in what we accomplish along the way, the weeks ahead will be both highly productive and a great deal of fun. Best wishes, full speed ahead! Mr. Marius Felix, Assistant Head of School

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