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2 September 2015
Mrs. Karen Hedquist, Houseparent; Photo by Ceitinn C
June ‘15 marks the end of the co-ed duplex affectionately called Rope. 10s: “Absurdity and anti-absurdity are the two poles of creative energy.” Lagerfeld encapsulate the 10s. Six girls strong, they sounded and ran around like 100. Lily was our lovely Mona Lisa; Alva attacked her houseparent. Sasha’s impression of “whipping” was unforgettable; Maya’s energy was impressive; Sarah R’s and Caitlin’s gullibility was always fun. 11s: Rebecca McKinsey must’ve been thinking of this group when she wrote that she’d rather “be a little weird than all boring.” The 11s got into mischief and learned a lot about themselves & one other. Jennie became a mathematician; Rachel J & Julie defied gravity, one with long jump and the other with high heels; Renee sacrificed skin for punctuality; Beth forgot – endearingly – many things; Sophia warmed us all with her smile; Megan calmed us all down with her Zen; Céitinn & April tried to do everything at once; Judy gave herself a suction-cup hickey; Allie pretended to be a boarder; Maria stepped in her bowl of pudding; Delaney & Sarah B transformed in the hallway; Rachel C – aka Edna Mode – ran an Incredible Tuck Shop. 12s: This year’s Prefects will go far, every single fabulous one of them. Karli’s sunshine laugh; Tessa’s amazing food; Rachel M’s extraordinary Tatiana; Kimmi’s comforting late-night concerts; Vicky’s grace and friendliness. Records were set this year: Shesley created our first House tie; Faryn lost her elephant daily; Echo was the only Hopeling ever to trip the fire alarm; Jordan set the bar as our day student prefect; Cristina became our first Bond girl. Hope was led by a legendary pair: Cevina and Brynn. Cevina rocked as Assistant yet was incapable of keeping her room clean; Brynn became an icon yet spent the year worshipping her own hero – Beyoncé. Added to this mix was our compassionate & efficient Assistant Mrs. Beatty, our incredible Holly, and our dedicated duty team: Martin, Steele-MacInnis, Amiel, Luna & Sun. I could not have asked for a better group of girls & women with whom to share the finale. Mrs. Karen Hedquist, Houseparent

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