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Examen AP sur ‘French Language and Culture’

16 May 2021
Jensa NG, Mack ‘23
The sunny third term has arrived, and with it comes spikeball, open waterfront, and sadly, AP Exams.

Back in September, 14 brave souls, many of whom had graduated from Madame Hall’s French immersion class the year before, made their way to C block AP French Language and Culture. Loch K, Jaxon M, Miranda NP, Davis P, Jonah M, Avik B, Baya I and I were saddened to leave Mrs Hall, but thrilled for what Mr Hernandez had in store for us.

One activity we sunk our teeth into nearly every class was “comparaisons culturelles” which translates quite literally to comparative cultures. In this activity we are asked a question (in French of course) and we are to research how our community handles that matter, versus how a francophone country does so.

For example, a possible question would be “What effect does science and technology have on your community and your chosen francophone community?” The first step is to reflect on any presentation we have done or videos we have watched on the subject. Next, we have five minutes to put together a small point-form script comparing the two communities, then present it to the class.

Avik B, Privett ‘23 usually excels at this activity as he tactically uses up time with his intro that goes as follows “Bonjour à tous. Aujourd'hui je vais vous parler a propo du…” which translates to “Hello all. Today I am going to talk about...” The boy has a bright political future if ever a filibuster is needed.

The AP French Language and Culture exam has 5 different sections, all of which total three hours of work. First, we will read passages, then answer 30 multiple choice questions; next we listen to a recording and answer the next 30 questions. After that, we will continue into the email reply and essay, which will take us around 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete. Last, but certainly not least, comes the speaking portion of the exam where we will do a “comparaisons culturelles” speech for two minutes followed by a conversation online.

If I am being completely honest, at the beginning of the year I was questioning my French abilities as Mr Hernadez spoke at a rapid pace of about 400 words per minute (in my second language) however I can confidently say that I believe he has prepared us well.

I am sure I am not the only student who will be delighted to have this exam behind me! Which I know is true as Miranda NP, Alex ‘23 concurs, stating she “could not be more ready for this exam to be over.”

To my fellow test takers, best of luck, and to Mr Hernandes, thank you for all the extra work and effort you have put in this year to prepare us for the exam.


Jensa NG, Mack ‘23

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