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Finishing Well 1

4 May 2015
Marius Felix
With the May long weekend and Grad just around the corner and the regatta now successfully behind us, the school year is rapidly coming to an end. The next six weeks hold a variety of challenges and emotions for all of our students and in particular, our graduates. The intensity of experience that is Brentwood will soon come to an end for 154 Grade 12s. The weeks ahead will be challenging for them. Some will say that they cannot wait to get out of the school, to enjoy a newfound freedom without the deadlines and expectations of a Brentwood day. Others may be intimidated by what lies ahead, without the security of House Parents, Advisors, Cookie Break, Various Choices, Breakfast Cakes, clean laundry, beautiful grounds, demanding coaches, ruthless teachers and empathetic nurses. What is a certainty, however, it that the Grade 12s will, on June 21st, spend their last day together as a class, before they blast off into the big wide world. What will be important for all of them is that they finish their year well, say thank you to those who have made a positive difference and remember the relationships they have forged while at the school. How the Grad Class of 2015 wants to be remembered is in their hands. Finish well! Mr. Felix

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