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Food Services Staff Serve Food with Joy

8 March 2023
Dara M, Alexandra ‘25
At 7:00 am, students start trudging into Crooks Hall half-asleep where the Food Services Staff is ready to greet us with energetic smiles - and a hot breakfast. Preparing three meals a day plus Cookie Break, the food service at Brentwood is impeccable. With a wide variety of different dishes and the flexibility to meet a wide range of diets, Brentwood provides its students and staff with nutritious meals filled with protein and greens. In-suk Ra, a fan-favourite Brentwood server, exclaims, “Why not spread joy to everyone? I’m so lucky to be able to work here. I love talking to you all and seeing your smiles in response to my own.” These bright smiles and kind words spread by the servers and cooks never fail to make our day - and we are then encouraged to pass them on.

The Food Services Staff is greatly appreciated by us all. With the time and care they put into the countless meals they prepare, the hard work, in return, finds grateful smiles from the students and staff. Waking up at 4:00 to start their shift at 5:30 shows true dedication, and only love for one’s job gives you that kind of motivation. Steve, a Brentwood cook, remarks, “Feeding 1200-1400 meals a day is certainly a hard job, but a rewarding one at that. When I leave here, I have that feeling of a job well done.” I know from personal experience that one’s day just lights up when we see what’s for dinner - especially the dessert!

Steve goes on to explain, “We have the opportunity to be creative and play around with different recipes. Everyone seems to like the food, and we like to feed everyone.” Brentwood provides a wide variety of food choices, with a soup, salad bar, sandwich bar, and a hot meal - with vegetarian and gluten free options - that varies throughout the week. ‘

The salad bar filled with 40 items worth of greens, fruit, seeds, and vegetables is something that fills the hearts of those who love to add a healthy side dish to their main meal - or as an entre. Our cooks make sure people from every diet have a delicious and filling meal, hence the vegetarian option provided. There is also a dessert section for gluten-free people, filled with cake, cookies and brownies.

Sunday Brunch is a much-loved tradition at Brentwood. Between 10:00 and 12:30, a fantastic brunch is open. And this isn't just your average, store-bought pastries and fruit type of brunch. Our brunch has homemade cakes, cookies, cake pops, pudding, and all sorts of delights! There is even a hotpot station with greens and seafood. The wide selection of breakfast includes pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausages. The different fruit smoothies every week are a healthy way to down the high piles of food.

Addison C, Allard ‘25 explains, “Brunch represents the Brentwood standard of grit and joy. We have six days of grit and hard work throughout the week, with a sweet break on Sunday with a brunch filled with all kinds of dessert choices.” Though one may return from brunch stuffed full enough for a couple days, it is always a delicious way to start off your Sundays as bliss and laughter fill Crook Hall as we enjoy the food with friends.

Thanks to the friendly and skilled team that is our Food Service Staff. We’ll miss you over the Break.

Dara M, Alexandra ‘25

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