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Global Mindset

4 February 2015
Clayton Johnston
Another season of Admissions travel is almost complete. Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, and North America have all been visited and students from the far reaches of this planet are already excited about joining our special school in September, 2015. “Where the World Comes to School” has been our tagline for many years now. I thought it was fitting as so many young people often dread going to school each day, yet at Brentwood, students travel many thousands of miles to take advantage of all our school has to offer. With one of the lowest attrition rates in North America, it is a happy, energized place for students to learn. Brentwood College School is more than a school; it is a community – a family. Learning happens well beyond the classrooms, studios, courts and fields. It is a 24-7 experience and has a powerful impact on our students. Brentwood quickly gets into your soul. It empowers our students in ways most schools and communities can only dream about. As the Director of Admissions, this year alone I have logged far too many hours in airplanes, trains, taxis, and buses to count; all in an attempt to let the world know more about this amazing community of learners. Our diverse community is unique and that is one of our greatest assets; it gives me great satisfaction enrolling new students each year. Next year we will have students from nearly 35 countries around the world. While the majority of our school will be North American (87%), our international community will be exceptionally diverse. It is an exiting time to be at Brentwood College School and I invite you all to come to our campus to see for yourself.

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