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Grade 12s Prepare for Post Secondary

7 November 2022
Taiyo T, Whitall ‘23; Photo by Neve M, Hope '23
With the deadlines for University applications creeping up on the 12s, time just seems to fly. Personally, I used to be horrible when it came to getting things done on time; now, I aim to accept TCH’s mantra of “Every day is game day” and make my days at Brentwood spent readying myself for post-secondary success. I have learned that organization and planning are some of the most essential skills when it comes to situations like this, yet some students like myself do not fail to procrastinate and make life harder for ourselves.

Luckily, as stressful as it may seem for many, students here at Brentwood are offered extensive support to prepare us for our future. The exceptional University Counseling team, Mrs Coull, Mr Rodrigues, and Ms Beausoleil, are the perfect resource for students to discuss and work on our applications with. If students can prove to be, as Mrs Coull loves to say, “proactive and responsible”, the counselors will be best able to help navigate them through every part of this exciting process. Students are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the counselors and update them on where they are at in the process and discuss goals, as well as plan what and when things are due to meet these strict deadlines. This means researching schools and writing essays and listing extracurricular activities for each school we choose to apply to.

The CLC (Career-Life Connections 12) program is a mandatory course for the 12s which takes place biweekly. During these classes, one of our counselors takes the students through a series of lessons with important information regarding our post-secondary options. It encourages each student to spend some time throughout the week to think about their future plans and work through the handy MyBlueprint website to set goals and tasks, developing a foundation for the College/Uni application process.

Another spectacular resource that students take advantage of is the Brentonian Connect platform. This is where the Brentwood community connects with one another. Students are encouraged to reach out to graduates from all over the world who are willing to be their mentors. This showcases the power of the Brentwood Community when it comes together. With the help of the graduates who take their time to help students in their journey, we are motivated to grow and work hard to prepare ourselves for the next chapter of our lives.

Taiyo T, Whitall ‘23

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