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Grade 9 Food Drive

15 January 2023
Ainsley L, Hope ‘26
The Christmas Spirit rang true in early December as ninth graders ventured into the community to collect food donations for the CMS Food Bank located across the street from Brentwood. The CMS Food Bank has served the Cobble Hill, Mill Bay, and Shawnigan Lake areas since 1983.

Hoping on buses, the excitement began to build. Slowly, we were dropped off in three different local neighborhoods. Everyone spread out through the winding streets of the Cowichan Valley. Once we landed in our correct neighborhood, the process began.

First, we trudged through deep snow to get to the doors.

Then, we knocked.

As we chatted with the community, we got to explain the food drive, and why it’s so important. Often during the winter season, fewer people donate to food banks because the price of food goes up. This makes it extra important to donate so that CMS can keep up with the needs of the community.

Then, people gave as much as they could.

Some gave a few cans and others came out with bags of groceries. Some people could only give their best wishes. The holiday spirit of giving rang through the villages.

The CMS Food Bank helps 4,435 people in the Cowichan Valley. Sadly 43% of them are children and 20% are families. It’s pretty magical how when all the grade nines worked together and the community gave generously, we were able to collect two tables heaping with food.

Ainsley L, Hope ‘26

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