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Grey Days are for Drawing and Painting

21 November 2021
Neve M, Hope ‘23
Brentwood’s arts days display a kaleidoscope of creative skills. Walking down the hall of the Arts Building provides a view of students building sculptures, working on pottery wheels, capturing moments on cameras, and so much more. Of all the art options available, Drawing and Painting has been the most popular choice among students for years.

It is no secret why: Mr. Luna leads the class in an amiable manner, encouraging students to explore their creativity. Every year, new and intriguing projects are created, so the class never gets old. The rhythmic stroke of a pencil, the sound of brushes caressing the canvas, the mixing of paint, can all be heard and seen in A258.

No matter what year students partake in Drawing and Painting, the praise is consistent across years. Kiara J, Alex ‘23 enthused that “It was a fun and creative class and I learned a lot from Drawing and Painting and applied it to all my other art classes.”

Our newest project in Drawing and Painting is a cause for excitement. This month, an old painting was recreated. Artists like El Greco, Angelica Kauffmann, Clara Peeters were all included in the search for an art piece. Once the art piece was chosen, a small portion of the painting was selected and framed. Then we took to mixing a greyscale and painting a Grisaille, a painting in only shades of grey, on top of used canvases.

The paintings are about to be finished and are all dazzling works of art. “Our paintings are exquisite”, stated Anna D, Alex ‘22. Different shades of grey float around the art room like a melody, all so unique and special.

Hopefully, once the paintings are perfected, they will be displayed for all to see. Either way, everyone should try to drop by Drawing and Painting to gaze upon the wondrous atmosphere and art that takes place in all four blocks.

Neve M, Hope ‘23

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