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Gwynne Dyer Visits Brentwood

13 July 2022
Rowland Legg, Rogers ‘22; Photo by Jim Ganley
On the afternoon of June 1st, Brentwood had the privilege of hosting Dr Gwynne Dyer at the Foote Field House for a lecture on the subject of war, current events and climate change. In attendance were Brentwood’s Debate, Model UN, Political Studies, and Comparative Government classes - and several others.

Dr Dyer’s lecture addressed war through an anthropological lens, speaking to why humans fight wars, to what degree it is in our nature, how future crises might affect our actions, and he gave comments on current conflicts and how they have come about. Dr Dyer also lectured on how climate change may impact war, and he gave some insights about the book he is currently writing on the subject of climate change.

He commented that the human activity that is causing climate change shouldn’t be characterized as a threat to the planet itself, citing how for as long as humans have existed the planet has been far warmer and colder than what is predicted today, but rather it should be characterized as a threat to the civilizations that humans have developed in this current climate. He says climate change will negatively impact the way humans live, but that the planet as a whole isn’t threatened by sea-level rise or temperature change - humans are.

Dr Dyer also commented on the current war in Ukraine, admonishing how this is a break from the eighty-year peace we in the West have enjoyed since the end of WWII. Dr Dyer took some questions from the students, which were followed with an acknowledgement and thanks for his lecture. Brentwood is very grateful to have such a decorated speaker come to share his ideas with us.

Rowland Legg, Rogers ‘22

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