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Hope is the New Black

13 October 2015
Caitlin C, Hope ‘17
Last Saturday, as the sun began to set, Brentwood’s esteemed students traded in their uniforms for striped attire and aviators that reflected the vibrant strobe lights of Hope’s first open house. For many of Brentwood’s students, this was their first time seeing the inside of the new girls’ residence and for all but eleven of the Hope girls this was their first time hosting an open house.  The walls were covered with barbed wire and wanted poster of Mr. Beatty for “dancing too well’, which he proved later when he tore up the dance floor as students cheered him on. Donuts and floats were given to all the cops while the robbers took mug shots, many of them still accompanied by their cop counterparts.  Ms. Hedquist, Hope’s Houseparent even joined the party taking a few photos with her prefects. Mr. Patel also dropped by - even in the face of his own wanted poster. Brentwood has never had so much fun with Cops and Robbers.  Caitlin C, Hope ‘17

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