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Humility on Campus

7 March 2023
Novella R, Hope ‘25
There is a notable trend amongst Brentwood students and staff. Our community has many who have accomplished a lot but never let their pride overshadow themselves.

Mr Blake Gage, Director of Athletics, explained, “I think humility means striking the balance of being confident - but not cocky or arrogant. Respecting opposition, but also believing in yourself, and letting your performance do the talking." In sports competitions, academic achievements, and art developments, we can see Brentonians shine in their spotlight without bringing others down.

Humility is woven throughout our daily life at Brentwood but hidden as it is engraved into the reality of our community. “The nature of the school is not focused on individual achievement; it is focused on group achievement in many areas. It makes you tend to not look at yourself as an individual because everything you are doing is part of a classroom, part of a team, or part of an art group,” discussed Thomas M, Privett ‘23, Head Prefect. Mr Gage observed, “Developing humility is a lifelong journey. Some Brentwood students are remarkably far along that journey. Others have further to go, but I believe all want to get there.”

Within Brentwood, everyone is supportive of each other's accomplishments and looks beyond individual achievements. Thomas went on to say, “It makes us feel like we are part of a whole community that is striving towards one common goal so we tend to look past individual achievements and look at the betterment of the community.” In a few unseen ways, having humility brings people together. Looking past your achievements and celebrating others strengthens the bonds between you and your teammates. Likewise, Peter D, Privett ‘25 stated, “Your achievements contribute to the community rather than just yourself.”

Being humble and modest makes one seem more approachable. It opens a leadership opportunity to use achievements to inspire and uplift others. Ms Sarah Wolinsky, Assistant Houseparent of Privett, explained, “It is the joy of recognizing that each of us has a role to play in everyone else's life.” She quoted a line by Iraqi poet, Rumi: “You are a drop in the ocean, so you are the ocean.”

Humility can relate to many things in life. Ultimately, it comes back to understanding how your actions affect others. Ms Wolinsky explained, “We display humility when we are aware of and thankful for the people and community who supported us. People want to support one another and doing so is in our nature. Recognizing that is the basis of humility.”

Novella R, Hope ‘25

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