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Java Hut 2023!

5 March 2023
Deborah Z, Alex ‘23; Photo by Abby D, Allard '23
Last weekend, on a cold, snowy Saturday evening, students came piling into Crooks Hall ready to witness an astounding talent-filled evening. Java Hut is always a highly anticipated event the school holds that mimics an open mic night for staff and students to exhibit their musical prowess before a wonderful audience.

The show was MC’d by Jai S and Ian C, in matching suits and ties, sunnies, and bucket hat outfits. They kept the audience on the edge of their seats with their most enthusiastic introductions and cheesy jokes throughout the entire night.

“Java Hut was a great night for the school. It was amazing to see the entire community out there supporting and enjoying the performances together. This event also gave an opportunity for students who might not otherwise have a chance to perform on stage in the Bunch Theatre to express their creative side to the rest of the school and it was so nice to see the encouragement provided by their peers” Ms Warner, Alexandra Houseparent comments.

The set list was certainly versatile and entertaining for all. There was something for all musical tastes, from intimate acoustic covers, and vibey jazz pieces, to alternative rock music. Besides the many musical performances, comedy speeches, rap performances, and jokes were also showcased. “My most memorable performance of the night was the Fipke brothers’ visionary rap. It was a performance I have never witnessed before and both myself and the audience were extremely impressed” Sylvia E, Alex ‘23 recalls.

“Planning for the event was unbelievably complicated but I felt really accomplished and fulfilled to see the performers and audience show up to enjoy the night” shares Zheng Y, Privett ‘24. “Performing and playing instruments has always come easy to me so I loved giving my peers a space to step out of their comfort zone and showcase their creative talents.”

A big standing ovation to Zheng, who was the hardworking student responsible for the organization of this terrific evening, to Myr Pasquale for designing and painting the new and improved backdrop for the stage, and to Ms Plough and her team for the smooth running of sound and amazing moody lighting that set the vibes right for the night.

Deborah Z, Alex ‘23

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