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Junior Soccer Tales

10 January 2022
Mr Toby Collis Handford, Coach; Photo by Paul Fletcher
Never is the beautiful game more rambunctious than when played by Brentwood Junior Boys.

Unlike seasoned veterans of, let’s say, The English Premier League, players on the Brentwood Junior Boys soccer squad did not have the privilege of a long off-season to train and build chemistry together. Players from all over the globe were thrust into action with their own, unique playing styles. Whether it was the stout Canadian defending of Milan P, the blinding speed of Mexican striker Carlos SA, or the cerebral Japanese midfielding of Youto I, all the boys strived to play as a cohesive unit. And together as a unit they played well.
The lads’ opening match against local rivals Shawnigan proved to be a great success; Bruno CF’s opening goal of the season proved to be the winning goal of that game - a resounding 7-0 victory.

Though Brentwood fell short of a podium finish at the Island Championships, the team earned a valiant second place at the ISAs - largely thanks to their ability to communicate effectively and refer back to terminology learned during rigorous training sessions.
If asked to compile a Top Three moments of the year, the answers can be easily recalled.
#3:  Sam B’s breakaway finish at The Island Championships.
#2: Finding Eric’s lost cellphone after a perilous trip to the wilderness that is Salt Spring Island.
#1: Chad M’s first goal of his Brentwood career: a thunderous one-time strike that will be remembered for years to come.

It was a pleasure watching the boys grow as players and as teammates. All the coaches are excited to see this year's Grade 9s become next year's Grade 10 leaders.

Mr Toby Collis Handford, Coach

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