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Mr. Gabriel Farrell

13 September 2013
Toby CH
If farrel means “a man of valor”, Mr. Gabriel Farrell is just that. The 2013 school year has had a promising start; the new students have bright, happy faces, the weather is staying favourable, and Mr. Farrell has come to town. Hailing from Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, Mr. Farrell has made the journey to Brentwood College - a place soon to be his home away from home. Mr. Farrell is a man of many talents, including world-class skill in sports. Known best for his rugby, Mr. Farrell will be coaching the Senior Boys’ rugby team after honing his skills coaching high school and club teams in Scotland. Ever since he was a boy, Mr. Farrell has been an avid rugby player. By 14 months he had thrown his first pass. Playing for several different top notch teams throughout his rugby career, Mr. Farrell epitomizes Brentwood’s value of effort, because he is as hardworking and determined as he is skilled both on and off the pitch. As a rugby player he flourished while developing his skillset. This led him to be named to the Scottish U18 team for international competition in Europe. This is a truly impressive feat. Even though he suffered a brutal injury to his left leg and has had his nose broken more often than one would think humanly possible, Mr. Farrell has continued his rugby career as well as earning qualifications in Sports Management. Not only is Mr. Farrell a talented rugby player, but he is also a fantastic soccer player. He is a strong supporter of Celtic and at one point in his life, even considered moving away from rugby and starting a career in soccer. He knew, however, that in his heart rugby was his passion. Many years ago Mr. Farrell came to see his cousins who were boarding at Brentwood. When he visited the beautiful waterfront campus it clearly made a lasting impression on him because here he is now back in Mill Bay. It is also worth mentioning one of his Brentwood connections, Mrs. Louise Berry, his aunt who is our Admissions Assistant. She played a major role in his return to Brentwood. Luckily for Mr. Farrell, he has been placed in the best house on campus, Privett House. He will also get himself involved in the varsity strength and conditioning program. Even with only three formal rugby practices under his belt here, Mr. Farrell has already asserted himself on the pitch as a trustworthy coach, a player with both sangfroid and spirit come game time, and a new member of our Brentwood family. We wish him the best of luck this year and welcome him to our campus community. Toby CH, Privett ‘14

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