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New Faces and a New Year

12 September 2013
Clayton Johnston
The 2013-2014 school year promises to be one of the best ever. Why? This past year was the most successful admissions season in school history in terms of applications and inquiries. The 182 new students (the most ever) that have arrived on campus bring a diversity of experience and energy to our campus that is tangible. As the Director of Admissions, it was a fantastic moment when the new students congregated on campus for the very first time last Tuesday. I had visited them across the globe, I had Skyped them, phoned them and met them here on campus. Now, they are all here together. We are one; they are Brentonians. Our school population is the largest in history (468 students) and there is excitement about our school around the world. Students choose to be at Brentwood because it is a wonderful place to live, work and play. As this year’s new school unfolds, I prepare to begin the recruiting season for 2014. My only regret is I am unable to spend all of my time with these wonderful young people. Mr. Clayton Johnston, Director of Admissions

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