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New Hope House

30 April 2015
Lily S, Hope ‘17
For a number of years, Hope House has been the smallest girls residence on campus with just 32 students (24 boarders). While the girls enjoyed having a group of this size, they are excited to be welcoming 40 new girls to the Hope House family in September.  The new house at the south end of campus is large and has many rooms so day students may get their own space instead of the cubbies used at the moment. These day student rooms will be mixed in with the boarding rooms on the same floors. There will be a workout room, music room, and sunrooms. The kitchen will be an open concept with the common room so there will be a lot more space. Decorating of the new house will include input from the Hope House girls who will also help with the shopping for house decor in May.  In 1999, Rogers House, which currently includes Hope, was built. It was designed in a U shape because the school figured that if it had to be split into male/female or junior/senior sections this would make it possible. Six years ago there was a need for 26 new boys, but there was only girls on the waiting list. These new girls went on to form Hope House in 2008/2009. Although Brentwood became coed in 1972, 2008 was the first year there were as many girls in residence as there were boys.  Now, after a long wait, Hope House will have an entire space to call its own. The doors of new Hope open in September: we hope to see you there. Lily S, Hope ‘17

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