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13 January 2014
Last Tuesday we were delighted to welcome Prime Minister Stephen Harper to our campus. It's not often that a head of state visits a boarding school--especially in a location that was last visited by a Prime Minister in 1952!  Joined by members of the Conservative party, PM Harper spoke to an audience of over six hundred people in Crooks Hall. Brentonian Brooke Huestis ('08) also attended as an employee of the Prime Minister's Office. What does this mean for learning at Brentwood? Aside from the obvious excitement that we will be discussing for days, our students had the opportunity to see the political process in action, complete with security detail and many, many cameras.  We hope that the Prime Minister and his wife enjoyed the time at Brentwood. Naturally, we are hoping that the PM will casually mention our school at upcoming political meetings and other world leaders (cough Barack Obama) will also drop by.

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