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11 May 2022
Lucas K, Whittall ‘22
On May 4th & 5th seven members of Brentwood’s golf program headed down to Esquimalt to compete in the annual Victoria Policeman's High School Golf Tournament held at Olympic View Golf Club.

The representatives from Brentwood included Lucas K & Jacob B, Whittall ‘22, Gavyn & Jagre K, Privett ‘22 & ‘23, Maxine P and Treety J, Alexandra ‘23 & ‘25, and Cole L, Ellis ‘24. We were all really excited for the challenge and ready to produce some fantastic results when all was said and done.

Day one saw some high scores from every team but mixed in were a few low ones as well. Brentwood’s first team was able to string together three rounds in the seventies, ultimately putting us in front by four strokes heading into the event’s final round. In what was sure to be a battle of the elements throughout Thursday’s round, our team knew that it would take some of our best skills to take home the title at day's end.

Day Two was an early morning. With everyone teeing off at eight o’clock sharp, the bus departed Crooks Hall at 6:30 in order to give us enough time to get dialed in before the round. As the round went on, the weather got worse. Rain poured down and the wind was started to kick up. Jagre K recalled Thursday’s conditions as “some of the worst weather I’ve ever had to play in.”

When the dust settled, Brentwood had a chance to win. Jagre & Treety finished third earning bronze medals. Lucas claimed second - the silver. The team, unfortunately, lost in a countback for first to Oak Bay, but collected the silver medals.

Overall, the tournament was a success. Two tournaments - we won ISAs a fortnight ago - are over with a couple of solid results for Brentwood now in the books. Gavyn K, Privett ‘22 says that “It could be now or never for our golf program. Brentwood may not have this good of a team for a while so we gotta give this thing our all.”

Two tournaments remain - Islands qualifying for Provies - as the team has a berth at provincials in their sight.

Lucas K, Whittall ‘22

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