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Prefects in Pigtails

6 November 2022
Christine L, Mack ‘23; Photo by Mike Minckler
With cold weather already here and Midterm Break approaching, this past Friday, the Class of 2023 took a moment to turn back time and reminisce on their humble beginnings. Carrying on the tradition of this memorable dress-up day known as Kindergarten Day, our Prefects unlocked their younger selves with bouncy pigtails, fluffy stuffies, and buttoned up overalls.

Although this dress-up day may seem like just another silly little thing to get excited about, for many of our grads it acted as a wake up call. Grad Class President Hazel L, Allard ‘23 recalls, “I remember being in grade ten, lending my colourful hairclips to the Prefects in my house and planning my own outfit for when it was my turn. Now that it is, I’m not really sure how I feel about it”.

Stepping into the shoes of our younger selves, it’s funny to look to the past and imagine where we thought we would all be by now. For some, it was to be the most popular kid in school, and for others it may have been to be Valedictorian. Personally, I thought I would have been accepting my offer to Harvard University by now, but I guess things don’t always go according to plan.

We spend our Brentwood years as juniors, pining for the privilege of seniority but now that our time has come, so have the responsibilities.

As second term approaches, we’ve had enough time to settle into the reality of submitting university applications and taking on leadership roles. We now realize why Mr Patel and our Houseparents took Prefect training so seriously; it truly is the senior students who shape the culture of our school. The time has also come for the Class of 2023 to strap on our big kid pants and prepare ourselves for both the upcoming year and a reality outside of highschool.

To any current grade 11s who aspire to have half as good of an outfit as Avik B, Privett ‘23 for their Kindergarten Day, I personally advise you to start planning your outfits now because if there’s anything this year’s Grade 12s have learned in their time here at Brentwood, it is that time flies. As Denzy J, Mack ‘23 says, “It seems that not too long ago we couldn’t imagine being the leaders of our school, but here we are, hugging our stuffies as we smile for our last picture day”.

A special thanks to Ms Ramsey and the Grad Council for organizing this memorable event that every graduating class looks forward to.

Christine L, Mack ‘23

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