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Renaissance Eights

5 June 2015
Clifford M & Mrs. Patel
On Wednesday night, the Grade 8s took advantage of the amazing Renaissance display in the Ross Foyer to host a ball.  No, we did not dance.  Instead, we all assumed the identity of person from the Renaissance and shared all sorts of facts about our chosen person with our audience. We had everyone from Leonardo da Vinci, to Queen Elizabeth the 1st, to Christopher Columbus, to Mary Queen of Scots, to William Wallace, to Catherine de Pizan. The evening was filled with fun and frolic as the characters moved among the audience members.  A big thank you to all the parents and guardians who came to support and a HUGE shout out to super seamstress Sally Smith for working tirelessly to costume all of our young thespians. Clifford M & Mrs. Patel

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