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Rowing BC Training Camp: An Event With Many Takeaways

29 January 2023
Novella R, Hope ‘25
Last weekend, seven Brentwood rowers attended the first Rowing BC Training Camp led by the new Director of Performance, Terry Paul. The camp's design is to challenge regional rowers technically, physically, and mentally. Over eight hours, we rowed roughly 36km focusing on improving our rowing.

Terry Paul was a coxswain who won Gold at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in the Men’s 8+. He held the camp intending to develop athletes and bring new skill sets to their home clubs. Mr Dave Calder, Head of Brentwood Rowing, explained, “The camp provides our athletes the ability to row with exceptional regional athletes. Rowing with people who are better than you raises your game. The camp also allows you to learn from the provincial coach, guest coaches, or from the other athletes, and bring those lessons back to your club.” The rowers were able to push themselves while alongside people with more experience than them. Jed G, Ellis ‘24 observed, “Rowing with people from other clubs and being coached by an Olympic gold medal coxswain was very beneficial. The drills we were doing, and learning more about technique, was very helpful.”

The camp allowed for athlete development but also brought out friendly competitiveness. “I was able to work with the other coxswain, who has accomplished a fair amount, and use it as motivation to perform even better” mentions Annika M, Alex ‘24. “Having the opportunity to attend the camp helped me learn through my peers who were equally as passionate as I am about rowing, and they all had great things to share” states Chloé H, Mack ‘23.

It was a valuable opportunity for each of the rowers. Training with people who have more experience and are just as passionate allowed more room for improvement. Chloé observed, “ I think we will be able to take away from these experiences and learn and grow as athletes and take these lessons with us as we progress over the year.”

Racing season is just around the corner, and with anticipation building up and the determination to improve, the takeaways from the training camp will be much valued.  

Novella R, Hope ‘25

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