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Saudi Dinner

26 September 2017
Olamide O, Privett ‘18; Photo by Fergus S, Privett '19
As-Salaam-Alaikum Brentwood! As summer turns into fall, all members of the community have settled into the Brentwood routine. In such a diverse place, different cultures are celebrated often. Saudi National Day was September 23rd – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia turned 87 and the Brentwood’s Aramcons used this as an opportunity to share their cuisines with the school.  Crooks Hall was ornately decorated in green and white; Saudi flags and rugs valiantly hung from the rafters while mouths watered from the scent of lamb shawarma. “Saudis in Audis” blared from the speakers, creating an energetic environment for all.  On the menu for the night was Al Kabsa (a traditional Saudi rice and chicken dish), lamb shawarma, Kahyar Bi Laban (cucumber and yogurt salad), hummus and pita, falafel (with tahini sauce), Om Ali (nuts and raisins in pastry) for dessert, and Saudi Champagne to drink. The feedback from the community was outrageously positive, declaring the meal “the best Saudi Dinner Brentwood has ever had.”  The event was a huge success and there are numerous individuals and groups who must be thanked. Thank you to the student volunteers – those from Aramco and from elsewhere alike – for giving up their time to decorate, serve, and takedown the decorations. Thank you also to Mrs McLean for supplying the decorations that allowed Crooks Hall to look as lovely as it did. And above all, a huge thank you to the marvellous kitchen staff who went above and beyond to create an authentic Saudi meal for the community: you have no idea how much we appreciate what you do for us on a daily basis and for these special occasions.  Shukran (thank you) to all who attended and I hope to see you at the next international dinner!  Olamide O, Privett ‘18

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